How to pronounce oesophagus

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Here’s a chance to preview my new short story.

Instead of the almost stereotyped immigrant experience story where the protagonist is perpetually confused and must toil at grim poverty stricken manual labor THIS is a thoroughly reimagined and restructured take on that story.

7000 words, give yourself 20-30 minutes and zoom the screen until the two pages fill the screen with sharpest resolution.


Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.45.44 AMScreen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.46.09 AMScreen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.46.23 AMScreen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.46.40 AMScreen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.47.05 AMScreen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.47.30 AMScreen Shot 2020-12-25 at 8.47.46 AM

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