Discovering Wildlife in Toronto’s Don Valley

Discovering Wildlife in Toronto’s Don Valley

I’m going to shamelessly self promote myself with this blog entry but at the same time remaining true to m43 (micro four thirds) photography.

This is my latest book, a coffee table style pictorial about a hidden and thriving world sharing space with the citizens of a famous metropolitan city.   This is the first photographic study of urban wildlife in Toronto.

Every image was taken with a m43 camera, while the true monochrome images were taken with a modified 43rds camera following a monochrome sensor transplant (



The book is available on Amazon and in your local bookstore at the end of October but I have several advance copies available for purchase – [Contact] me.

Meanwhile to reward your visit here, I have some images that failed to meet the publication deadline exclusively for you to enjoy!






If you want to know what these beautiful creatures are, I’m afraid you are going to have to buy the book.

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